Corporate Catering with a Tasty Twist

Make your corporate event one to remember with our corporate food catering right in the heart of Perth’s CBD. However, Angel Falls Grill offers a unique spin on corporate catering with a spicy Venezuelan BBQ steak spread! Our expert chefs will dish up a flavoursome feast of house favourites, leaving your guests coming back for more. 

With the help of our creative corporate catering team, we’ll collaborate with you to create the perfect food catering menu that sets the right standard for your event, while also ensuring everything is fully customised according to guest numbers, dietary requirements, and any other necessary necessities.  

Choose from a delightful BBQ catering selection of spicy Venezuelan delights, including starters, finger foods, and our famous empanadas, all made from locally sourced, good quality ingredients! Best of all, we can deliver the BBQ goodness straight to your event location. Prepared with one of the best quality food catering services in the Perth CBD, you can rely on our friendly staff and wonderful chefs to deliver an unforgettable corporate event.  

Gluten Free Food Catering Options for All

Our entire corporate catering menu of scrumptious Venezuelan dishes and foods are naturally gluten free, fulfilling the needs of all guests. Despite being a gluten free menu, our food catering still absolutely spoils you and your guests for choice with iconic favourites such as high-quality steaks and lovely arepas.  

Premier Food Catering in Perth’s CBD 

Located conveniently in the heart of the Perth CBD, Angel Falls Grill is a great food catering option for your next corporate event or function. Treat your guests to a delicious Venezuelan BBQ feast while also experiencing the calm yet lively Perth CBD. Even better, we are located close to some of Perth’s best corporate function venues, allowing easy food catering organisation for your next corporate event, thanks to convenient pickup and delivery. 

Take your Corporate Catering to the Next Level 

Want to up the ante and make your Perth corporate catering experience as memorable as possible? We’ll take our BBQ catering to the next level with an in-house chef serving up our legendary sizzling steaks grilled to your liking. Using premium Harvey beef cuts, we’ll season your steak with our exclusive blend of Venezuelan spices that will nag your tastebuds for more with every bite!  

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Bring the flavour to your next corporate function or event with delicious and affordable food catering. To organise one of Perth’s best corporate catering services, you can either make a booking, get in touch, or email for more information on our corporate catering options.  

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Food Catering Perth FAQs

Do you offer Glutenfree food catering options? 

Yes, we do! Our BBQ catering menu is 100% GF 

Do you cater for dietary requirements? 

Yes, we cater to specific customer needs!  

How far in advance should I book food catering for my corporate event

We recommend at least 2 weeks, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have an urgent requirement for food catering.  

How can I pay my invoice for corporate catering? 

You can pay your invoice with your favourite credit or debit card through our online system or by EFT, once you receive an invoice. Alternatively, you can visit us and pay over the counter.  

Do I need a deposit to book corporate catering with you? 

Yes, we normally ask for a 50% deposit to secure food catering with us.  

What would happen with my deposit if a cancel my BBQ catering service? 

If you cancel a full 7 days before your corporate event we will refund your money, but reserve the right to deduct any other expense incurred in advance to develop your catering. If you cancel with more than 72 hours notice, we will refund 75%. If you cancel with more than 48 hours’ notice, we will refund you 50%. If you cancel with more than 24 hours until your event, we will refund you 25%. If you cancel within 24 hours, there will be no refund.  

Is it best to get my catering delivered or picked up? 

If your corporate event is located outside the Perth CBD we recommend you pick up your food catering. However, we do provide different options for delivery, please get in touch to discuss.

Is your corporate catering a set menu? 

No, we normally offer different food options, such as finger food or buffet style. 

Can I hire a chef to prepare a BBQ catering in house?   

At this stage, we are not offering BBQ catering in house.  


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