Best Steak Restaurant in Perth


Not Just Any Meat Restaurant in Perth

Angel Falls Grill is the best place to be for good old-fashioned steak in Perth, but with a Venezuelan twist! If you’re looking to explore delicious South American flavours and a unique take on meat, we’re the steak restaurant for you. Our Venezuelan heritage and menu has seen us become known as one of the best steak restaurants in Perth, conveniently located in the CBD. 

How We Make Some of Perth’s Best Steak! 

At Angels Falls Grill, we put the South American flair into good steak, creating some of the best steaks in Perth. First, you choose your meat cut. Whether it’s rump, porterhouse or eye fillet, our meat is all locally sourced, good quality grass-fed Harvey beef. We make the cuts to order in our restaurant, always maintaining their moisture. With an exclusive blend of Venezuelan spices, your mouth-watering steak is then smoked in one of two ways: 

Hot smoked:

This involves smoking and searing the meat. It’s a method typically used for a porterhouse or rump cap cut. 

Cold smoked:

No temperature is applied to the meat with this method. Instead, it is smoked on Hickory Wood for up to 2 hours. This develops a delicious flavour for eye fillets. 

Finally, all steaks are cooked to your liking, no matter if that’s rare or well done. They’re served with our refreshing range of sauces, including house made avocado salsa, tangy chimichurri, chilli aioli and much more. 

Perth’s Only Venezuelan Meat Restaurant

We’re more than just your regular meat restaurant in the Perth CBD! Take your steak dining experience to the next level by adding some of our incredibly tasty, authentic Venezuelan starters and sides to your meal, including empanadas, cachapa, papas criollas and more. All our starters and sides have been designed to beautifully complement our steak, no matter your selection. However, they’re so delicious that you’ll enjoy them on their own too! Top it all off with one of our delicious Venezuelan cocktails, a vibrant wine or any of the drinks from our full bar. Search our menu and you’ll find some of the best steaks and Venezuelan dishes Perth has to offer. 

Want to try a bit of everything? We recommend ordering one of our delectable steak boards or sumptuous steak degustation, featuring all our best steaks and meat cuts. This is a great option for groups if you’re having a night out with friends or family. Otherwise, enjoy it as a couple for a delicious meal together. Our goal is to serve our guests with world class modern cuisine that’s unlike any other steak restaurant in Perth. The team at Angel Falls Grill are always there to offer any suggestions on what to eat too, ensuring you have an experience you won’t forget. 

“No one knows steak like the South Americans, and Angel Falls Grill’s modern take on Venezuelan food has been a hit accordingly.” 

— Perth is OK! 

Make a Reservation at One of the Best Steak Restaurants in Perth (as voted by you)! 

When it comes to finding the very best steak restaurant in Perth, you just can’t go past the authentic Venezuelan steaks at Angel Falls Grill. We recommend making a reservation as we can often book out. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you can relax and enjoy your dining experience. 

Located in the heart of the city on Shafto Lane, our steak restaurant in the Perth CBD is easy to find and get to whether you’re coming from the south or north. 

We understand that sometimes you are on a tight schedule, so we also offer a Pre-ordering service! Pre-ordering saves you time and takes the hassle out of ordering on the day. Dinner is served on time while you enjoy a nice conversation and order some drinks! 

So, if you’re looking for good steak in Perth with a great atmosphere and the best Venezuelan cuisine in Western Australia, make a night of it and enjoy the culinary delights of Angel Falls Grill. Book a table below. Love our steaks so much and want to make a special occasion booking? Contact us today and we’ll get back to you shortly. 

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