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Smoked, grilled & juicy steaks, signature chorizo, unique sauces and typical Venezuelan corn products and sides. The dishes we bring to your table are all based on old family recipes using corn as a base, so they are naturally gluten free. We apply the best traditional Venezuelan cooking techniques and only use the finest ingredients. Our team can cater to everyone with creative and flexible food options available

What's Our Story Angel Falls Grill


Owners Sergio and Gilda always had a passion for food. After moving to Perth they started their business, with their Amazing food stall at markets around Perth, selling arepas & cachapas.

After receiving incredible reviews from many different customers, in 2016 they knew Perth was ready for a larger range of delicious and exotic Venezuelan cuisine, and  Angel Falls Grill was opened.

Know Us Angel Falls Grill


Welcome to Angel Falls Grill, we are Perth’s only Venezuelan restaurant conveniently located in the heart of the city tucked away in Shafto Lane.

The Angel Falls Grill experience is based on authentic and unique Venezuelan food that will delight your senses. Our mouth-watering menu ranges from exquisite cuts of tender meats slowly cooked in our smoker and caramelised on our sizzling grill or parrilla, to exotic gluten free corn based dishes such as arepas, cachapas, or empanadas.


Opening Times

Walk-ins at Angel Falls Grill are always welcome, but bookings are recommended Friday – Sunday as we can easily be fully booked towards the end of the week. Please see our online booking system below to book your table.

Monday to Sunday : 11am till late

Book your table for lunch or dinner.

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Pre Ordering Service

Are you planning on having a business lunch? Is time important for you? Do you want to relax and enjoy your lunch while your food arrives within 5 min of your arrival? Look no further! Pre-order in advance with us by clicking on the bottom below, and enjoy the best quality with a premium and effective service!

Premium Lunch Menu

Available Monday to Friday from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm for limited time only

Enjoy this amazing combination of a starter plus a main and a glass of wine, soft drink or coffee during you lunch break. Check out the menu by clicking on the bottom below and don’t miss out on trying the uniqueness of the Venezuelan cuisine.

Rum & Smoked Beef Degustation

Enjoy a range of three slowly smoked cuts of meat paired with six Venezuelan rums. The meats are macerated overnight then smoked with hickory, cherry or pecan wood chips, and the rums are gold award winning.

Order some sides to make a great main meal for two, or have it as a shared entree.

If you can guess the brands and types of the six rums, you win a voucher to be used on your next visit! We might even give you a hint!