BBQ Restaurant in Perth


Perth’s Only Authentic Venezuelan BBQ House

Looking for a mouth-watering BBQ meal at one of Perth’s finest restaurants? Look no more! Angel Falls Grill bar and restaurant offers you the best and most authentic Venezuelan BBQ experience in Perth. Bringing to the table smoky, grilled and juicy cuts of premium beef, authentic South American and local premium produce, exclusive signature recipes, a full bar and signature cocktails made with premium Venezuelan rums.

We are the only Venezuelan BBQ house in Perth! That’s why we take great responsibility in showcasing a piece of our heritage and culture though our tasty barbeque cuisine. And the only way of doing this is by cooking our hearts out in order to produce the best steaks in combination with the most authentic Venezuelan flavours, drinks and service.

The South American BBQ Experience

Venezuela is all about sizzling steaks anywhere and sharing the creation with family and friends! That’s why Angel Falls Grill is proud to be a unique barbeque restaurant and bar in Perth where you will enjoy and share premium steak and authentic Venezuelan flavours while having a fun conversation over a Mojito made with Venezuelan Rum. The Venezuelan adventure is definitely fun and super tasty!

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If you’re looking for a delicious BBQ restaurant in Perth, come down and experience the Venezuelan flavour sensation at Angel Falls Grill. We understand that sometimes you may be on a tight schedule, so we also offer a PRE-ORDERING service! Pre-ordering saves you time and takes the hassle out of ordering on the day so that dinner is served on time while you enjoy delightful conversation over some delicious drinks! Click the link below to make a booking.

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