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Coeliac Friendly, Gluten Free Food in Perth 

Angel Falls Grill is one of the best gluten free restaurants in Perth, providing an authentic Venezuelan experience with delectable and naturally gluten free food. If you are coeliac, have a  gluten intolerance or are sensitive to gluten, you don’t need to worry about gluten contamination as our entire menu is gluten free. You can enjoy a stand-out dining experience without having to fear gluten containing ingredients or cross contamination. 

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Coeliac Friendly Restaurant in Perth, WA

Coeliac Australia provides credible information to Australians about coeliac disease and associated conditions that require a gluten free diet. Their Gluten Free Accreditation Program has stringent requirements for businesses so Australians can be confident in their gluten free options. Angel Falls Grill is proudly a Coeliac Australia Gluten Free Accredited business. This means you can rest assured we not only offer a gluten free dining experience but are also a certified coeliac friendly restaurant in Perth. 

Gluten Free Lunch, Dinner & Takeaway

You are spoilt for choice with gluten free food at Angel Falls Grill. Every dish we freshly prepare and serve is coeliac friendly, guaranteeing no cross-contamination. From indulgent starters and share plates, including empanadas and cazuelas, to mouth-watering cuts of high-quality beef, our certified gluten free restaurant has dishes to satisfy every taste in Perth for lunch and dinner. We also offer dishes for pick up and delivery with gluten free takeaway from our Perth CBD restaurant. Enjoy the best of coeliac and gluten free friendly eating in your own home or office. 

Discover Our Mouth-Watering Gluten Free Dining in the Perth CBD 

Our gluten free restaurant is located right in the Perth CBD, making it one of the best locations to catch up with friends over lunch or celebrate a special occasion at dinner. We take pride in providing a safe, coeliac friendly, gluten free restaurant that doesn’t compromise on taste or variety. Every meal is a festival of freedom and flavour. 

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“Angel Falls Grill provides the ultimate Venezuelan dining experience in Perth. What’s more, is that its menu is naturally gluten-free, and guarantees no cross-contamination, making it a safe choice for coeliacs out there.” 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gluten Free Eating

What foods are gluten free?

Gluten free foods include fruits, vegetables, meats and specific grains like rice and quinoa. Venezuelan cuisine, in particular, is known for its rich array of gluten free dishes, making it an excellent choice for those with coeliac disease or non-coeliac gluten sensitivity. Traditional Venezuelan meals often feature ingredients that are naturally free of gluten, providing delicious and safe dining options without the risk of gluten contamination.


Which cuisine is best for gluten free?

Venezuelan cuisine is perfect for gluten free diners, featuring a variety of naturally gluten free dishes like arepas, cassava bread and grilled meats. Other cuisines ideal for gluten free dining include Mediterranean and Asian, which focus on ingredients like rice, vegetables and proteins. The variety of Venezuelan cuisine provides a diverse and fulfilling dining experience for those following a gluten free diet.


How do you order at a restaurant with coeliac disease?

Ordering at a restaurant with coeliac disease involves clearly communicating your dietary needs. Angel Falls Grill is a certified coeliac friendly restaurant, though this is not the case for all gluten free restaurants in Perth. They may only have a selection of coeliac friendly dishes or options that are gluten free but not certified coeliac friendly. It’s best to double check with restaurants first before ordering anything.


What problems can gluten cause?

Gluten can cause various problems, especially for those with coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity. Symptoms include digestive issues, skin rashes, fatigue and an impaired immune response. In coeliac sufferers, consuming gluten damages the intestine, affecting nutrient absorption and leading to deficiencies. That’s why it’s important for coeliacs in particular to dine at trusted coeliac friendly restaurants where there’s no risk of food getting cross contaminated.


Can anyone follow a gluten free diet?

Anyone can adopt a gluten free diet. Venezuelan cuisine offers a number of delicious gluten free options that cater to this dietary choice. While embracing a gluten free diet requires careful selection of suitable foods, it can be both diverse and enriching.


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For one of the best gluten free dining experiences in Perth, make a booking at Angel Falls Grill and indulge in all the unique flavours Venezuela has to offer. Together with our accreditation and convenient location in the Perth CBD, we’re your top choice for a coeliac friendly restaurant. To find out more or discuss your dietary requirements with our team, contact us here. 

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